The Outcast Creatives Podcast

Finding Clarity on your Creative Dreams, Goals + Desires!

April 04, 2023 Pip Laiika Season 2 Episode 25
The Outcast Creatives Podcast
Finding Clarity on your Creative Dreams, Goals + Desires!
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After a 3 month hiatus, The Outcast Creatives Podcast is back!

Starting a business can bring up feelings of confusion and  overwhelm especially when your ideas just stay ideas.

The longer you are stuck in the dreaming stage the more uncertain you become because you are waiting for that final piece to drop.

In this episode explore 3 easy steps to help you find clarity on your creative dreams, goals + desires.

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Before we get into the content of Season 2 I want to take a moment to acknowledge the lands on which this podcast has been recorded.

This podcast has been recorded on the land of the Wudawarrung People. We respectfully pay thanks to the traditional owners of the land, waterways and skies, the elders past and present, who have been sharing their creation and art for more than 60,000 years.

Thank you for joining me here again I am so beyond grateful to have you here and feeling excited to share new episodes of this podcast with you.

In today’s episode we will be talking about finding clarity on your creative dreams, goals and desires by connecting to the FEELING achieving them will bring into your life. Yep this episode is about collapsing time and manifesting your best creative life.

Firstly, how are you? Like really how are you?

In the week leading up to relaunching I have been asking this question over on my Instagram, while also asking myself each day.

This question was prompted from a new book I just started listening to called How are you, really by Jenna Kutcher.

The book so far is spoken with such truth and authenticity I have found the words and journalling activities so inspiring.

So, now the floor is yours… Let me know How are you, really?

I love hearing from you, and want to remind you that I’m here to help you through any of your creative worries. At any point you have a question or query jump over to Instagram and shoot me a message @studiosoulstar share all your creative ideas how they are expanding, growing and even what challenges your facing.

So where have I been?

At the end of last year I moved house, I recorded one episode in the new place, and then have taken a break.

Settling into my new life has had it’s ups and downs → which I will share in more depth at a later date.

I have found myself recalibrating and refocusing my energy in a lot of areas of my life.

From health & fitness

to my business

my finances

my creativity and more.

But I am back now and through this time I have been dreaming up and building something pretty exciting to add to the Outcast Creatives Podcast which you will hear about in a moment.

Right now I want to take this moment to remind you that EVERYONE IS CREATIVE.

Just like going to the gym to work on your health and fitness, creativity is a skill that develops over time.

It’s also a skill that you can pick up at any time, moment or stage of your life.

And it can be especially healing to explore yourself through creativity.

The same goes for deepening your spiritual connection and understanding

as well as elevating and expanding your business knowledge.

I have just been through a life transition moving away from the city in Melbourne where I have lived for the past 10 years.

Over my time living, working and studying in Melbourne I have learnt everything I know about creativity, business and spirituality.

I have explored many different businesses from making and selling textile products, to graphic design and brand building now creative business coaching + Kinesiology.

And I wanted to start with this point because creativity can be MANY THINGS.

You may be here listening because your…

✨ Building your dream business

✨ Launching a new product.

✨ Creating your service(s) as a designer or coach


✨ Maybe just exploring your creativity for healing.

So what Creative Project are you being called to bring to life?

Over my 2and bit month break from the podcast I have been doing just that exploring my creativity for healing.

Kinesiology is one of the modalites that I am trained in, which involves uncovering your emotions and healing them through corrections like EFT, meridian massage, colour healing and ESR (to name a few).

Through my healing journey I have been working through those emotions with art/creativity.

I find these processes especially good for combating creative block.

As I was saying I took sometime off the podcast and in the changes of my move it’s taken me a little bit of time to find clarity for what I wanted the next evolution of the TOCP to be.

One of my absolute favourite ways to explore my ideas is through TAROT!

When I was finally called to explore what I wanted season 2 to become I turned to my tarot and pulled some cards the first one being the card the 2 of wands in reverse.

The message of this card is to go back to your original idea, the energy and enthusiam that you initially felt about your creative projects and to let that guide your next steps.

I spent some time going through my planning archives from season one studying my intro and the episodes I created.

The purpose of season one was to:

  • Debunk creative myths that we have been told
  • Share mindset tips, energetic & spiritual practices,
  • my thoughts on art & content creation
  • interview and hear the stories of other creative entrepreneurs
  • inspire and empower creative misfits and rebels to courageously show up, shine their light and make a living out of their art.

While building a community of like minded cosmic creative souls.

So, season 2 will be MORE OF THAT + I am adding a new element to the podcast called The Outcast Creatives Club - this was initially in my vision for season 1, however I was waiting for the exact clarity to drop in on how to make that happen.

The Club is a place to continue building the Outcast Creative Community, connect with other like-minded cosmic creatives and entrepreneurs and have access to BONUS CONTENT!!

What’s included in the Club?

  • early access to the weekly podcast topics
  • Supporting journal prompts and questions to ask yourself after each epicode
  • Weekly tarot card pulls explaining the energy of the collective and what you may be experiencing in your business.
  • Plus monthly Q&As or Mastercalssess
  • Annnd did I mention this Club is completely FREE?

Yep, I am here to help you THRIVE in your creative passions and/or business.

But for now let’s get into the content.

SO how do you Find Clarity on your Creative Dreams, Goals + Desires!

Well i’m glad you asked.

It starts with your mindset.

Because the truth is you're not just going to WISH your dream into existence.

  • The vision is your starting point.
  • Then comes the planning.
  • Then comes the discipline to see your ideas through.

So you have to take responsibility for where you are right NOW!

By defining your Creative Dream, Goal or Desire.

Then asking yourself Why is it important for you to achieve that?

Now you might think the next step is to ask HOW.

But honestly getting caught up in the how is the BIGGEST blocker for creatives on a mission to find clarity.

And I say this because I am totally guilty of it too.

instead of focusing on the how.

Focus on who you need to BE!

Who is the version of YOU that has achieved what you set out to do?

What do they believe about themselves and their creative projects?

What do they do differently to you now?

And this is how we start to collapse time to bridge the gap between who you are now and your dream creative life.

In the modality Time-line Therapy we use a process called creating your future self.

Where you write your goal as if it’s already happened and place it into your future timeline to realign all the steps between then and now.

And a huge part of this process is learning to surrender.

So let breakdown this process into 3 steps: (and i’ll give you an example)

Step One. Define & Declare your creative dream, goal or desire.

Example: Your dream is to start a creative business selling your art prints online and you work 100% for yourself.

Step Two. Focus on who you need to be by asking yourself how does that dream make you feel?

Example: That dream brings you a sense of freedom, joy and playfulness

Step Three. What ONE thing can you do today to get closer to that feeling?

Example: Starting today you create a ritual for each of those feelings.

What brings a sense of freedom into your life: this might be going for a nature walking, swimming in the ocean, going on a roadtrip, creating art just for the hell of it.

What brings joy into your life: Connecting with others, sharing your art with others, creating custom drawings for loved ones, laughing and doing things with your friends and family.

What brings playfulness into your life: Going on a fun mystery date/adventure with a friend or partner, being silly with your kids, going and seeing a comedy show or going to a concert, splatting random paint onto a canvas and the list goes on.

These are all just examples, but as you can see there are many different activities that can bring those words (or whatever your words are into your life).

And by starting here rather than how you are leading with creativity.

And I believe that allowing yourself to heal through your creativity is what brings the most clarity into your business.

And that’s Creative Business Coaching is here to help you…

✨ Work through your mindset blocks

✨ Step into who you need to BE to attract your desires

✨ Experiment with content creation and brainstorm ideas

✨ Create unique systems that work for you

Ready to explore your dreams, goals and desires?

Get in touch to have a chat!

Yep, I’m here to add as much value as possible to your creative life, dreams and business so that you learn to show up COURAGEOUSLY and thrive in all that you do.